The Best Self Tan Is…..?

Looking for the perfect sun-kissed bronze look?

best self tan products The glow that arises from a tan; the beauty resident in the bronze look that only a tan can give! Not only is a tan about the look, it is also about the thinner and healthier look it gives your body, and let’s not forget the sexier feel it unleashes inside us!

It has, however, become rather less and less alluring to sit in the sun for hours on end.  Not because we are busier than we used to be, but for the simple reason that this self-baking routine exposes the skin to the ultra-violet rays that play an immense role in ageing the skin! There is also the increased risk of developing melanoma, an extremely dangerous type of skin cancer, and as we have painfully come to realise over the past decade, neither is the tanning bed a safer option. The Cancer Council of Australia has repeatedly warned that the use of tanning beds before the age of 35 increases the risk of melanoma by a dizzying 98 percent.

But in a world where every element of beauty can be forged, there is a solution which does not involve the ultra-violet rays and is recommended as a safe tanning option by the Cancer Council of Australia in a country where tanning is a fashion and a health fad all on its own.

Meet the fake self tan! There is no shortage of best self tan products at our disposal, ranging from sprays and lotions to gels and mousses in all shades and sizes for everyone. These self tans are guaranteed to bring out the godly faux glow on any skin, with results visible in less than an hour and have the ability to last for up to a week!

Various brands have been touted as the best fake tan on the market in a bid to capture the lions share of this lucrative genre. With the industry growing into a galaxy of its own, the constellation of brands churned out by manufacturers is on the rise, much to the advantage, and at times peril of the consumer. The goal is usually to acquire a godly-bronze look with minimal streak or none at all.

In writing this, we have a particular bias against spray-on fake tans as we perceive them to be rather messy in the process of applying the tan, in comparison to lotions, gels and mousses, unless of course done by the studious hands of a professional.

As you choose your best self tan product, it is important that you determine you skin type and its moisture needs. We will take you through  4 of the best self tans that will definitely take care of your skin even as they bronze it. We were unable to rank them as they all offer various benefits to different tanners, so we will leave the ranking to you, seeing as we are already biased towards non spray fake tans.

St Tropez Best Self Tan Dark Bronzing Mousse

First one up is St. Tropez Dark Bronzing Mousse : –  This is a very easy to apply bronzing mousse that is uniquely tailored to suit your skin tone. This element is especially vital in giving your skin the natural admirable look once it blends in and adheres to your skin. St. Tropez is considered the least sticky of fake tans and goes relatively well with a host of beauty enhancers that you may wish to add on before you leave the home. With £28 worth of this bronzing lotion in your bathroom, you’ll look as good as they do in the south of France. And they do look really great!

Rimmel London Sunshimmer Instant SelfTan

The second fake tan we would recommend is the Rimmel London Sun Shimmer, or simply the amazing fake tan! This is probably one of the few times you will use ‘fake’ and ‘amazing’ to refer to one product. Rimmel London is the instant tan-in-a-can for one who wants to get that darkened glow as fast as their lifestyle wants them to have it. It is a medium shade lotion that gives an instant waterproof tan that lasts up to 24 hours. The Rimmel London instant tanning lotion also comes packaged with an amazing instant tan eraser just in case you slip-up when getting your bronze on. How amazing is this amazing fake tan package? Well, as amazing as getting it for less than £6.

Famous Dave’s Self Tan Wipes

Famous Dave’s Best Self Tan Wipes also made it on to our list of best fake tans. This one is sure to appeal to any tanning fan, what with its seductive packaging and the promise of an instant tan from tan wipes. Yes, tan wipes is what Famous Dave’s is all about. Quite unique, a deviant from the norms we are used to. Famous Dave’s Self Tan Wipes are the perfect on-the-go tans and will serve you well when you need to maintain an existing tan, bearing in mind how those streaks tend to sneak up on even the most careful of self- tanners. A quick bronze faux glow with the least mess and minimal fake tan smell, retailing at around £12, these sweet scented Wipes are sure to be a favourite for many! Give them a try! They make a great addition to your self tan portfolio you may already have.

Liquid Self Tan

We finally close our best self tan list with the James Read Liquid Tan, designed by magazine icon James Read, probably under the guidance of his extensive knowledge garnered over the years in the beauty business. A liquid tan, it is known to be friendly to even the most sensitive of skin types, gradually hydrating the skin as the glorious tan comes alive! For those seeking professional advice on tanning, you can now turn to James Read Liquid Tan and browse the label for a no-regrets guarantee at a price of £25.

To get the best self tan result from these products, the usual skin preparation routines to avoid patchiness will apply. Exfoliate your whole face and body before-hand, avoiding the use of oil-based products as they hinder the bonding of the tan to the skin. Use moisturizer on the rough areas of your skin such as elbows, knees and wrists to prevent the tan from building up on them.

It is advisable to use gloves or a tanning mitt when applying the self tan but if you wish to use your bare hands, lotion them regularly in the days before tanning and exfoliate them thoroughly when you’re done applying the tan.

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Have a glorious sun-kissed tan!

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