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How long does a Spray Tan Last?

A spray tan is a fast, easy way to get a fantastic glow without the dangerous adverse effects of basking in the sunlight & its dangerous UV radiation. But to retain that bottled glow, get ready to hydrate and exfoliate you skin in order to maximize the

How to assemble a Spray Tan Booth

A spray tan booth is an all important piece of equipment whether you are tanning at home or in a beauty salon. It serves to keep the floor, walls, carpets and your possessions from being caked in spray tan solution. No matter how conscientious you try to

Do Tanning Tablets Work?

Tanning agents have been developed for quite some time by cosmetic industries. Back in the seventies some people realised that certain food dies, if absorbed through the bloodstream by the process of digestion in large enough quantities, could alter someone’s skin tone. The promise has been swimming

Spray Tan or Sunbeds?

Millions of people each year pay to get their bodies tanned but, stopping short of paying for an expensive 2 week holiday some place, what really is the best way of getting an artificial tan? Most women would agree, adding a little colour to their skin by