Organic Spray Tan! What is it and Where can I get me some!

Organic Spray TanAn organic spray tan is an alternative option that you may want to consider if you are health conscious and sceptical of what unknown ingredients are in a conventional spray tanning solution!

Many consumers and industry professionals consider organic spray tans to be just a new and improved version of the traditional spray tanners, still containing many of the so-called harmful components that are found in traditional spray tan products. Some of these can be: –

  • Alcohol
  • Parabens
  • Preservatives
  • Various dyes and oils
  • Perfume and many other chemicals that are foreign and unknown to most of us!

The major difference between an organic spray tan and a normal spray tan is that the organic tan contains NONE of the above potentially harmful ingredients.

Organic Spray Tan is 100% organic and contains ONLY natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E that will keep your skin smooth, nourished and looking beautifully bronzed all year round!

Using this Organic solution is the safest most health conscious way to Spray Tan!

Below we have sourced some quality Organic Tan Products at very reasonable prices!

These are very good products! Our 2 personal favourites are: –

Whitetobrown Organic Self Tan Spray Solution Paraben Free!

This Brand NEW Organic spray tan solution uses eco certified DHA and is free from any parabens. Containing less than 10% DHA, this solution includes many natural ingredients such as extracts of Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Avocado Oil, all of which work to Whiteobrown organic spray tannourish the skin and enhance your tan result!

Ideally suited to medium/darker skin tones, this fragrance FREE spray tan was developed exclusively in the United Kingdom by many leading product chemists and industry specialists, and has been specially developed to give the ultimate smooth, flawless tan!

We find that this solution produces a very good application that your clients will be ecstatic with!

Fresh Indulgence Revive Anti-Aging Organic Spray Tan Solution + FREE spray tan caps!

Fresh Indulgence tan solutionThis product is perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergies and the unique formula stops the skin feeling dry and flaky! Non patchy it dries really quickly once applied!

Each tan application lasts for up to 12 days! Meaning the 1 Litre bottle will give you approximately 18-20 tans if used with a quality HVLP machine and spray gun.

Containing antioxidants and Aloe Vera, the solution is also rich in various vitamins and amino acids. All these ingredients serve to maintain the skin’s overall health and appearance!

Green and white tea extracts provide skin protective properties which in turn boost the skin’s immune system and may also provide a range of benefits. Matrixyl, a skin rejuvenation compound can effectively help fight against wrinkles, sun damaged skin and anti-aging.

Ubiquinone is a vital antioxidant and healer and has been known for years to be one of the most essential ingredients used by every cell in your body!

As you can see this product has a lot going for it and really is a Top Organic Spray Tan Solution! The FREE caps are a welcome added Bonus.

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