User rating
Pros: Very easy to apply and spreads liberally. A little goes a long way! Produces a very natural colour. Very reasonably priced and lasts up to a week!
Cons: A little smelly. The need to prepare a room with towels etc is a bit of a pain. Can rub off on your clothes if not left to dry long enough.

I have tried many self-tanning sprays, creams and lotions, from the cheapest to the most expensive and this is one of the best.  I used the Medium shade to start as I have fair skin but found that it was a little too light, so I went and bought the dark shade and reapplied.

The L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Dry Mist is quite smelly and can make you cough a fair bit from the excess mist floating around in the air. (Top tip to avoid this is to L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Dry Mist make sure you keep your bathroom door open and apply a little at a time.) If you have a tiled floor make sure you put a towel down to stop the excess residue from the tan making the floor slippery and staining the bottom of your feet! I love that you don’t have to stand there for ages rubbing this tan in!  It is quick and easy to apply and dries really quickly.

I was really pleased when the tan developed, it wasn’t streaky and didn’t create an orange look at all. I was a little wary after applying the dark shade, my skin being so fair. I was amazed that it was so even everywhere and I did not get any on my hands or the dreaded tan lines by my wrists. The tan lasted about a week and faded gradually without going patchy.

Outcome…. I will definitely buy this tan again!!!  The tan is so quick and easy to apply without creating too much mess. As this tan is not too expensive it makes it affordable to buy on a regular basis. O.K,  I did have to waste money buying two bottles to start with to get the right colour right I wanted, but it wasn’t too costly to do so. As it fades gradually, without going patchy or scaly, I can reapply easily and much more often than with other products

The only point I will reiterate is make sure you apply the tan while standing on a tiled or wooden floor, and not on a cream carpet like my friend did!! It marked the carpet (which we got out with a little elbow grease!) and I ended up with orange feet. Not a good look!