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Pros: Very easy to apply. Smells great! Really does help you to tan faster than most other products. Non sticky nor greasy. Lasts for over 5 weeks!! Great Value for Money.
Cons: No major negatives to speak of really. My only gripe was when I wiped my hands on a brand new white cloth after application! Totally stained the cloth brown but that was my own silly fault!

Really pleased with this product!  Not too expensive to buy and a little really does go a long way. Main features of this product are: –

  • Has Natural Melanin ingredient for optimal bronzing
  • It is the Number one selling Pro Tan tanning lotion
  • 10X stain and streak-free bronzer with Unipertan accelerating complex
  • Monoi de Tahiti oil helps you to go super dark!
  • Harmoniously infused with advanced tanning accelerators, natural exotic extracts and Aloe Vera
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Pro Tan Incredibly Black Ultra Powerful 10X Double Dark Bronzing LotionI am fair-skinned so I normally take a while to tan when using the sunbeds. I normally go on the sunbed three times a week through the summer to keep a nice glow. After having a gap through the winter, when I first start to go back on the sunbeds I normally go red and can sometimes burn but noticed with this lotion that I didn’t.

After recently hitting the beds smothered in this product I saw a major difference within just one week of using this lotion! The 10X tanning accelerators really work and I started to go a nice bronze colour and not red first then slightly brown after just one session!

It’s not sticky, smells absolutely gorgeous and makes your skin feel nice and soft. This lotion contains Aloe Vera which is what I normally use after going on the sunbeds.

This really is a Great product and I will be buying bottle after bottle of this for my sunbed sessions! I estimate that I have tanned 4x faster with this cream and each bottle lasts me around 4-5 weeks! What great value for money!

Pro Tan Incredibly Black Ultra Powerful Dark Bronzing Lotion is A 5 star product if ever I saw one!

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