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Pros: Great All Round Product! Produces an amazing colour. Long lasting and a little really does go a long way! Non streaky. Really nice smell. Ingredients help lift your mood and sculpt the body.
Cons: None to speak of really. What I would say is that although it is a little bit pricey, it is definitely well worth the money.

Utan Self Tan Lotion – California Sun

Utan Self Tan Lotion - Ibiza ExtremeI would say, after 10 years of self-tanning, that  I am a very experienced tanner indeed! I have a naturally pale complexion and I have tried every product out there in every price range.  Well after all this time I think I may have finally found a product that works perfectly for me!!!

Usually, I need two applications to look like I have a tan and three to make me dark (If you have medium skin tone you might only need one application of this!)

Utan self-tan lotion works amazingly well and a little does go a long way.  I have had this product about three weeks now and still, have lots left, making it very good value for money.  It doesn’t smell bad as it develops like some and it’s very easy to apply, no streaks at all and it dries fairly quickly.

Another great feature I found about this tan is that it doesn’t make you look like you have been Tango’d. I have found from past experience that tanning with a tan too dark for your skin tone tends to send you orange and goes patchy as it wears off, but I am happy to say that this is not the case with this one.

The makers of this tan have been quite clever by adding certain ingredients to the tan which can lift your mood and can help improve the appearance of the skin. The tan claims that from its added ingredients it can help to firm, reshape and sculpt your body.

I haven’t noticed much difference as of yet, but I guess you will need to use it regularly to see appreciable results. At a guess I would say at least four weeks, speaking from experience of using various toning and cellulite creams in the past.

If it does sculpt the body then what a great idea, especially if you are getting ready to go on holiday or have problem areas you want to target…. Two for the price of one.

The tan lasted for about 6 days on me before wearing off completely, which is pretty good. I am at week 3 with this Tan now so fingers crossed the body sculpting works!!

I would highly recommend this product! If you want to ensure you achieve a darker colour then reapply every three to four days. All I can say is that I am chuffed with this product and will keep on using it.  Maybe forever……

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