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Pros: Very easy to apply with no discernible smell. Produces a nice colour. Very quick drying - No need to wait an hour before getting dressed! Like how you can tell where the tan is being applied!
Cons: Although it lasted a week it didn't last the 2 to 3 weeks it stated on the bottle. You need to apply generously to get a good result so a bottle would only last for 2 weeks which makes the product not very cost effective! Need a couple of applications to achieve a good result (Time consuming!)

Vita Liberata PHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse Medium 125mlHaving just got married, I returned back off my honeymoon hell bent on maintaining my fantastic tan  for as long as possible! After being back for a couple of days, a friend of mine told me about the Vita Liberata pHenonemal tanning mousse that she had bought through Amazon as it was far cheaper than Debenhams and other retail stores I purchase from!

It is a tinted mousse that is neither greasy nor sticky and is supposed to dry almost instantly, leaving you free from the worry about staining and ruining your best clothes etc! The makers claim the tan result can last two to three weeks and doesn’t give off any smell! We shall see!!

I took the plunge and decided to try it for myself. I have a fair skin complexion, but as I was still quite tanned from my holiday I decided to go with the medium shade. I applied the mousse very easily and it didn’t streak or smell at all. Because it is tinted you can see exactly where it’s going onto your skin which stops you from applying too much to certain areas and risking getting the dreaded orange look!

I was very pleased with how easy this was to apply. Make sure you use a tanning mitt and rubber gloves when applying though.  I only used a tanning mitt and still managed to get orange finger tips!!!

The tan dried very quickly and I found I didn’t get that horrible smell of potatoes on my skin that you normally get when your tan is developing!! When the tan had developed it wasn’t as dark as I liked so I did reapply the tan the following day which was a bit of a pain and a little frustrating.

The tan developed into a nice natural colour and didn’t look fake or orange at all. Did the tan last two to three weeks??? I am sorry to say that it only lasts a week at best! I tan a lot and follow all the steps to help prolong your tan yet it still didn’t last as long as promised.

My opinion on this tan…. I think it’s great that it doesn’t smell, unlike other brands, when applying and developing but it’s not worth paying all the extra money for. You do need to apply a couple of coats to achieve a good coverage and colour which is time-consuming and over an appreciable period of time would prove more costly. I am sorry to say that although this is a good product, I don’t think I would buy this again,  there are other tans on the market that are much better and cheaper!

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