How to assemble a Spray Tan Booth

Skylight Spray Tan BoothA spray tan booth is an all important piece of equipment whether you are tanning at home or in a beauty salon. It serves to keep the floor, walls, carpets and your possessions from being caked in spray tan solution. No matter how conscientious you try to be while you are spray tanning, there will inevitably be over spray that floats in the air and tarnishes the surroundings. A tanning booth will enable you to spray where you want without causing a catastrophe!

There are lots of spray tan booths for sale these days, and dozens of them are man-portable making it easy to manoeuvre them about your home, salon or customer premises. If you are running a spray tan business from home, a booth will be even more important as the last thing you want is to ruin you customer’s home or belongings!

If you are afraid that it might be too hard to use a spray tan booth, then worry no more! It barely requires a couple of quick and easy steps that we have listed below to get started: –

  1. Unzip the bag and remove the booth. Most booths will quickly and easily come out of the bag due to their “instant pop up” design. For this simple reason, it is advisable to observe a slight distance between you and the booth when extracting it from the bag. This is to stop you from getting smacked in the face!
  2. Take out the spray tan booth placing it upright. Create a triangular shape with the entrance facing towards you. The booth should now be assembled and ready for use!
  3. When you’ve stopped spray tanning, wipe over the interior walls of the booth with a clean, damp cloth and use a fragrant cleaning product to freshen it up. This will ensure that the booth is clean and set to use for your next spray tanning treatment.
  4. To collapse the booth, bring the opposite corners of the booth together. This will produce a double compressed panel which will easily allow you to fold the booth down. Make sure you tuck the floor of the booth into the booth.
  5. You can then fold the two panels in half again to form a single flat panel. Take hold of the bottom of the booth from each corner and push it against the floor to create a “U” shape. Bring your right hand toward the left side and rotate your right hand inward to rotate the tent into a circle.
  6. Push the booth downwards towards the floor so as the tent falls into its original folded shape. Place the folded booth into the carrying case provided and you are done! Spray Tan Pop Up Booth with FREE Solution & Sticky Feet

Following this method, using a spray tan booth is simple and easy. We can promise you that it’s a great deal easier than attempting to clean an entire room that has been sprayed with tanning solution! If you like to spray tan anywhere, we urge you to protect your home and possessions and get yourself a quality spray tan booth.

If you are still struggling to assemble your spray tan booth check out the Video below for more help!

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