It’s never been easier to start your very own spray tanning/airbrush tanning business!

Whether you are a seasoned professional, starting a brand new business as a side line, or just want the best products at the best prices, we have the spray tan kits that will enable you to get started as soon as possible.

Below, we have sourced an extensive range of salon quality spray tanning kits for you to peruse, featuring product information, customer reviews and some amazing savings!!!find the best spray tan kits here

We have everything you need! From starter kits for home users, to professional kits for the mobile and salon users, you’ll find anything that suits your individual needs here! We also review which 2 kits are our personal favourites.

Your customers will see excellent results with our complete tanning kits!

Our Top 2 Spray Tan Kits: Reviewed!

LA Tanning’s Spray Tanning Start Up Kit with the Latest TS20 Unit

best spray tan kit - LA Tanning This spray tan kit is a great product for anyone just starting out! It is very easy to use and set up and works perfectly for any would be self tanning therapist whatever their experience. With this kit comes the latest skylight pop up tent (which lets in more light than ever before). It is a very good sized tent and straight forward to assemble with a little bit of practice.

The TS20 spray tan machine is a powerful addition to this kit, and the spray gun provided is easy to handle and control. The kit also comes with 7 bottles of tanning solution (worth up to £60 on their own), barrier cream, disposable caps, G – strings and Sticky Feet full foam stick (Not the cheap cardboard variety).

This kit really does represent excellent value for money so if you are looking for a spray tan starter kit then look no further than this one! This is the best price I have seen for this product and if your lucky like me the LA tanning company may even send you some money off vouchers for additional bottles of tan!

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The Ultimate Spray Tan Starter Kit by Fresh Indulgence

This really is the Daddy of all starter kits. It comes with the following: –

  • The Earlex TS20 which has been voted the most reliable HVLP tanning machine on the market!
  • spray tan kit by Fresh Indulgence

  • A stylish sleek black spray tan pop up tent fitted with 3 vinyl windows, a removable roof and an extra large carry bag for easy transportation and packing away.
  • 2 golden glow Airbrush tans,
  • 4 litres of Fresh Indulgence spray tan solution.
  • 250ml worth of barrier cream to protect your skin from staining.
  • 50ml worth of intensifying booster drops (which helps accelerate the tan)
  • 25 packs of sticky feet along with disposable thongs, and 25 disposable caps.

The tent is much bigger than I expected and the range of tan accessories that come with this kit are amazing! The Earlex machine is one of the best and most reliable on the market.

The airbrush tanning gun is smooth and very accurate to use (takes a little practice). This helps to produce a really precise and professional application with the end result being a very high quality tan your customers will love!

I highly recommend this product if you’re looking for a great spray tan kit.

What is a spray tan kit?

Basically it is self explanatory. A kit usually compromises of a tanning machine (see different types here), a spray tan gun, a tent or booth and tanning solution to perform the tan. As a rule, the more expensive the kit the better it performs and lasts.

Basic kits can come in a range of colours and consist of all of the above plus a pop up tent. A pop up tent is ideal for mobile spray tanning as it is easily portable.

Pop up tents are very quick and easy to assemble and pack away and are extremely easy to clean and maintain. If you purchase spray tan kits for home use or do a lot of mobile airbrush tanning, the spray tan tent is a very important part of the kit. It helps to protect surrounding surfaces such as carpets, furniture and walls etc. They most often come with front and rear detachable flaps. These flaps let the therapist easily and comfortably move equipment and the client in and out of the tent.

Professional spray tan kits, for those who require a more robust kit, will include a much more substantial gun, a top of the range tanning machine, extra solution and various additional accessories, incentives and/or training material.

Sticky feet often come with these kits. They are manufactured from high-quality soft impact foam and act as a barrier against the tan getting on the soles of your feet. Individually sealed in pairs for hygiene & salon cleanliness, they are very easy to remove, leaving no sticky residue on your feet once removed. Other disposable accessories such as caps, g-strings and aprons can also come with the higher end kits.

A salon quality pop up tent will come with these kits also.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the neat kits below!

Best Selling Spray Tan Kits: –


Check out the video below to see how quick and easy it is to set up these tanning kits!!!!!


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