Spray Tanning is a boom industry at the moment, but with so much equipment on the market where do we start?

Spray tan machines are all the rage for mobile therapists but which type do we go for?

Here we give a quick overview of how each spray tan machine works, then provide an Interactive chart providing the Best Spray Tanning Machines on the market. Here we go….

great spray tan machines at work

There are 3 types of Spray Tanning Machines: –

  1. HVLP (High volume-low pressure)
  2. LVLP (Low volume low pressure) and
  3. Airbrush.



In the UK HVLP spray tanning machines are by far and away the most popular machine. This is because the systems are more robust and quicker to use meaning the therapist can get the spray tan done efficiently, to a high standard and in the process only use between 50 – 80mls of tanning solution.  It can tan an individual in only 5 minutes! Meaning up to 12 people can be spray tanned in 1 hour!

This system works by directing warm air at very low pressure through the spray gun. This produces a fine mist that becomes atomised into tiny particles, allowing for a precise and smooth application of the tan onto the skin.  It also has a unique automatic heat function which enables you to dry off your customers beautiful tan quick and easy.

This spray tan machine is motorised by a turbine motor and whilst not essential, it is recommended that you use an extractor fan to draw away over spray from the tanning mist. These machine normally have 3 speed settings high, medium and low and are a very reliable, and easily portable device.


sray tan gunThe LVLP spray tanning machines deliver a finer spray still than the HVLP machines meaning you save on solution by delivering very little over spray.The system uses on average 45-50mls of spray tanning solution per full body tan. The higher spray transfer efficiency leads to lower wastage.

This machine operates at a much lower pressure than the HVLP and it is much noisier when in use due to the extra fans situated in the turbine motor. The loud noise makes it unsuitable for mobile tanning therapist and this machine is much more expensive than the other 2 machines.

The therapist needs to be highly skilled to operate this machine. The fine mist created requires a lot of controlling and practice to obtain a perfectly precise application. This machine, we feel, is best suited for home use and in spray tanning salons.


Airbrush spray tanning machines are mainly used in spray-tanning salons.  Airbrush tanning used to be the market leader but HVLP is by far and away more widely used due to the much quicker application time!

This machine was originally designed for the fake tattooing market, but it has recently entered the self -tanning market. On this basis the pressure is much higher therefore a lot of tanning solution can be wasted and a typical application takes around 30-40 minutes.

Mastering this machine can take time and depends very much on the skill of the therapist. Nonetheless, a flawless application can be easily achieved with practice. See how it’s done here.

Spray tan machines comparison chart


TS20 Spray Tanning Machine & FREE tanning solution

Voted one of the best and most reliable machines of last year this all in one machine is a real must for any part time or professional spray tanner! Manufactured in the U.K  this machine is powered by a 400w motor and comes equipped with a professional salon quality gun. Additional features include: –

  1. It is the perfect machine for light salon or mobile use (Up to 10 tans performed per day)
  2. Extremely compact, light and portable.
  3. Fitted with a 2.7 metre hose for ease of use in confined space
  4. The 0.6 mm stainless steel needle helps to deliver the perfect tanning mist
  5. Noise level 73 dba
  6. Comes with a FREE 100ml bottle of Fresh Indulgence tanning solution

This machine is ideal for those of you just starting out!

Earlex TS50 from Fresh Indulgence + Brand New Helia Gun

The tanning community is buzzing with news about the new Earlex TS50. So what is it and what’s all the fuss about?

Main Features:

Fitted with a lightweight taper fan and impressive 400w turbine motor this machine is very durable. On board hose & cable storage make for a tidy work space and the bespoke Helia gun is the best of its kind on the market.

The Helia Gun is specifically designed for high end tanning and features an easy to use flow control dial (no more fiddly awkward pins) and a very simple to use pattern adjuster. The ergonomic handle grip and front loading stainless steel tip (0.6 mm and optimised for precision spray tan distribution) make this unit more than suitable for heavy salon use, at home tanning and for tanning beauty professionals who work on a mobile basis!

The sleek and sexy modern design and features, along with quality manufacturing and reliability, make this machine the must choice for industry professionals that want a great Hvlp machine!

Below you will find a video on the Best Spray Tanning guide!