Spray tan tips. The perfect way to get a great tan.After teaming up with our tanning expert to find out what you need to do to achieve the perfect spray tan, we have put together this revealing article to help you do so!

She has vast experience having spent many years building up the knowledge to bring you these essential spray tan tips.

Many of her spray tan tips are along the same lines as her Top Tips for achieving the best fake tan result. They take on a slight twist however, providing even more in depth information as well as highlighting important facts to consider for your health and safety. So let’s take it on a 3 step basis….Pre Tan, during and aftercare.

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Spray Tanning Tips: 12 steps towards a great spray tan

Pre Tan: –

  1. Take a shower! Remove all traces of deodorant, antiperspirants, and perfume. Remove all make up and hair products, making sure you shave your legs (and any other parts of your that you usually shave). Shaving the day before ensures your pores will be closed when you come to apply the tan, helping you avoid the ‘Black Spotty’ effect caused by tan getting into open pores.
  2. Exfoliate! Very dry and rough patches of skin must be well treated prior to application. The tan will cling to the surface of the skin and this will result in producing those horrid orange patches we are trying to avoid. Simply using a body brush or exfoliator will help soften your skin and hopefully eradicate this problem to produce a smooth surface for the fake tan to adhere to. The use of E45 and creams of the like can also help.
  3. Moisturise! Liberally apply a good quality moisturising cream to your skin and let it dry naturally. Adding extra cream to dry, stubborn areas will help to speed up the skins healing process. Advisably, you should do this the day before you are going to tan to enable the cream to absorb into the skin and penetrate deep into your pores.
  4. Wear dark loose fitting clothing and flip flops/trainers to your appointment if you can.
  5. Keep your skin completely dry ensuring as best as you can not to sweat too freely. Make sure you apply Vaseline to the palms of your hands and soles of your feet. Make sure you tie your hair back and use a hairnet or shower cap where appropriate.

During: –

  1. Stand as still as you can keeping eyes closed, trying as best as you can not to squint as this causes wrinkles in the skin which the tan will sit on. This causes the dreaded facial tan lines which will look white against your gorgeous tan! getting a spray tan
  2. The tan will take around 10 minutes to fully dry. A top tip at this point is to lightly dust talcing powder under the arms. This helps to combat sweating, thus reducing the risk of getting those unsightly white patches!
  3. DO NOT take a bath or shower. Let your tan develop for at least six hours, or overnight preferably.
  4. Wear loose fitting nightwear for bed. Be sure to use dark fitted sheets if you can as the tan will stain fresh white linen which can be a nightmare to wash.
  5. If you need to take a drink be careful. Use a straw if possible as drinking from a cup or brushing your teeth could smudge the tan around your mouth!

Aftercare: –


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  1. The morning after take a shower to wash the tan off with warm water. As soon as the water starts to run clear the excess tan has been washed off. Continue to wash yourself as normal, gently dry off using a soft towel.
  2. Moisturise at this point! This is the key to keeping you tan for as long as possible. Repeat twice a day until the tan starts to fade. 5 days after your spray tan, exfoliate and repeat this every two days subsequently to ensure that your tan fades gradually and evenly.

Now you’re ready to go out and show off that beautiful spray tan…….