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Tanning Tents explained

Most tanning tents are of ample size to enable easy movement for your clients to stand comfortably upright in. This in turn helps the therapist to perform the tanning treatment quickly and efficiently. The majority of these tents have the ability to ‘pop up’, allowing the tan tent to expand in seconds for a quick and easy set up!

Most are fitted with a flexible steel frame. This gives the tent a sturdy look and feel but still allows the product to fold away easily and tidily, with a little practice, into its own zipped carrying bag provided.

Water resistance is a defining feature of many as are hard wearing taped edges & seams. The Polyester fabric has detachable flaps on top and at rear for ease of movement of equipment used by the therapist and to let in additional light to make sure the tan is applied to perfection and evenly distributed over the client.

The fabric can also be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

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Spray Tanning Tents comparison chart

Our Favourite Spray Tanning Tent IS..

Sunless Solutions Inflatable Spray Tanning Tent

This inflatable tanning tent really is a great product from Sunless solutions.  Having been a mobile spray tanning therapist for over seven years now, I have lost count of how many pop up tanning tents I have got through (not to mention money spent on them!)! The problem I find with conventional  pop up tents is that over time they tend to break or the metal frame starts to bend and not fold down properly.The polyester skin then starts to rip and fray quite easily. Quite a few times whilst folding them down I have also had a few nasty smacks in the face.

When I saw that this inflatable tent had come on to the market, I was very keen to see it in action so promptly bought one!!! I love the fact that they pop up and down really easy, that you can wipe them over easier and you don’t get any residue left behind.

The major selling point of this tanning tent is the fact that it inflates in just 30 seconds! No more fiddling around trying to erect other tents it just inflates quickly and you’re ready to go!

The Tan in Tent is made from an extremely durable, light weight, damage resistant rip-stop material which enables you to put it in the washing machine. This makes the product a lot easier to clean and keep more hygienic, and reduces the chance of any tan residue build up transferring onto your clients. You can wash it as many times as you want and it will still retain its appearance. You can also tumble dry the tent for quick drying if your in a rush.

The tent is designed to use continual air flow from the compact blower (included if bought through the link above). The blower is connected by a draw string attached to the back of the tent which keeps the tent inflated and stable whilst you perform the spray tan application.

It also comes with its very own stylish Duffle bag for easy of transportation.

What more can I say. This product has totally transformed the way and time it takes me to perform a spray tan.  With this tent it really is the case of Inflate,Spray, Deflate, Wash & Dry. Simple!

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