use of tanning lamps can be beneficialFeeling pale? …Can’t afford a holiday?… Where has the sun gone?

There is nothing worse than getting up when it’s dark and coming home when its dark is there? Then why not invest in a facial tanner!

Let’s face facts, nearly everyone you meet sees your face so why not make it as attractive as possible? These little devices are a God send if you only have a few minutes, per day, to achieve a nicely and ready to face the world tanned face.

There are hundreds of different kinds of tanning lamps that fall basically into two categories: – low pressure and high pressure.

High pressure lamps are most commonly found in facial tanners. The lamps produce a high intensity discharge (HID) that tans the face rapidly and evenly. Be careful not to exceed the daily recommended exposure per day (see individual machine guidelines for detailed info) as some of these facial tanning machines can output UV rays 20 – 50 x that of the suns naturally intensity.

High intensity lamps work just as their low intensity counterparts. They use UV lights to stimulate the melanin in our skin. This is the body’s way of protecting itself and is what enables our skin to turn brown.

They are safe to use and because they take less time (which results in less exposure) they are far more better for your skin. They will help you to achieve a good indoor tan!

The most beneficial thing about high intensity tanning lamps are that they use special lights designed to filter out most UVB light. This in turn allows just enough light to get through to enable you to achieve a nice healthy looking tan. The filter also protects/decreases the risk of adverse skin reactions and can help reduce spots and acne.

Low and high pressure tubes form part of lie down or stand up sunbeds, and or many facial tanning devices.  These tanning lamps work by producing ultraviolet light from fluorescent tubes fitted within the device. This in turn is what essentially tans the skin. Low pressure lamps are much safer than their high pressure counterparts but require more exposure to achieve a good result. Low pressure beds use more UVB rays which makes them more dangerous if used frequently over a greater period of time.

UV rays mimic rays that are similar to natural sunlight which increases the body’s production of vitamin D. This in turn makes us feel better in ourselves and has many beneficial effects on our outlook on life.


Vitamin D has many health benefits, such as helping to reduce cholesterol. It can also be used as an aid in fighting various cancers such as prostate and breast cancer.  Many doctors and health professionals often prescribe ultraviolet light treatment to those suffering from depression, the most common being those affected by what’s known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Vitamin D deficiency is also linked to cardiovascular disease, some kidney problems, diabetes, neurological disease and many different skin ailments.

tanning lamps can promote vitamin d productionMany experts and sceptics will have all of us believe that UV tanning is unequivocally bad for us but to put your mind at ease and look at things from a neutral perspective take a look at this great article. There are positive and negative effects of UV tanning, it’s up to you whether the benefits outweigh the negatives for you personally. Make your choice wisely!

With the great products below you can grab yourself a piece of your very own sun and use it as many times as you want in the comfort of your own home whatever the weather!

You can also find out which Facial Tanner is our current favourite!

Tanning Lamps comparison chart

The Good Ideas Tropical Tanner Sun Lamp

Our current favourite product on the market! Not only is it excellent value for money but the features that come with this facial tanner are excellent: –

  • The filtered UV ray feature gives safe face tanning without burning.
  • It comes with an automatic switch off safety 60 minute timer to avoid over exposure.
  • Helps clear spots and acne in days! It helps destroy bacteria that causes skin blemishes by promoting the production of vitamin D.
  • Comes with a 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty!

This tanner really helps and is a very useful machine for those who experience skin conditions such as spots and acne. It can also benefit sufferers of SAD syndrome, particularly in the winter. We have found this mains operated sun lamp very easy to use and it conveniently fits into our day to day schedule.


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